Arisia 2016 Feedback

I just sent this feedback on the 2016 Arisia over to the feedback address. drwex suggested that I post it publicly:

I have a few points of feedback on the 2016 Arisia, now that it's finished:
Before Arisia...
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Registration thoughts...
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The rest of Arisia...Collapse )

All told, I can see the results of a lot of good work paying off this year. I am a bit frustrated with the registration lines - I think the implementation of the policies is ridiculous, and obviously in need of major improvements. Most things that I saw once I got past the frustration of registration, however, seemed to be improved over previous years.

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I rediscovered a photo from a trip to New Hampshire last fall, and worked on it over the last couple of days. I have two different crops of the same photo. Here I post the two, and ask my humble audience to weigh in: which works better?

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Poll #1831137 Which photo?

Which photo is better?

Including the river

Arisia bagel breakfast this morning

This morning in room 1244, the lovely tigira and I are hosting a morning breakfast of bagels, homemade cream cheese (plain, chive, garlic, or cinnamon), dairy-free bagel topping, drinks, and company.

We'll be going from now until panels start at ten AM, so stop by room 1244 whenever you like.
Snape in drag - 50 pts from Gryffindor

Favoring the bold?

On my commute in this morning, the phrase, "fortune favors the bold" went through my head a few times. Eventually, I realized...

It's true that fortune favors the bold; however, misfortune favors the bold just as much.
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Odd question this morning

tigira is leafing through our compiled cookbook, and encounters a recipe page that had been used as scratch paper for a shopping list.

tigira: Sweetie, why does your shopping list say, "shrooms, goats, and cocaine?"
meadmaker: I don't know... because I thought it was funny?

Though this is old enough that I have no clue, eventually I guessed that I was making stuffed mushrooms with goat cheese as part of the stuffing, and that effloresense wanted some diet coke as well.
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Misty Morning

Misty Morning by meadmaker
Misty Morning, a photo by meadmaker on Flickr.
This morning I left the house to discover a spiritually misty morning. The sun was just rising over the horizon, and streaming rays through the mist. After dropping my son off at school, I stopped by a local cemetery, which had a thick mist and the sun peeking over the hills.


In case you haven't heard, some police forces have begun to arrest people who are videotaping them under state wiretapping laws. The basic idea is that the wiretapping law requires a person to obtain consent of all parties being recorded before the recording happens.

This concept is disturbing, especially when you consider the revelations within recent years of abuse by police that were brought to light only by citizens videotaping the police actions. From Rodney King to Oscar Grant being shot at a BART station in 2009, we see the importance of using these recordings to hold our police to a high standard of conduct.

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I just saw a tree across the street, smoking. I think it's from touching some power lines. I just called 911 about it, and the conversation went pretty much like this:

911: "911, your call will be recorded. What is your emergency?"
Me: "Hi, I see a tree across the street..."
tigira notices that there is a fire response SUV pulling up to it...
Me: "Nevermind, the fire department just pulled up. Sorry for wasting your time."

It's nice to have emergency responders, doubly so when they're on top of their game.